1 week (35 hours) 

Level: Beginner

Public: Anyone wising to learn the basic of cutlery forging. 

Defining the molecular structure of various materials (steel, Damascus)
Explanation of multiple types of blades (flat, silk, for folding knife)
Blacksmith's Demonstration in real-time of how to forge a blade


The trainee will then be able to do the following:

  • Preparatory work to design the blade(s)
  • Forging of mutiple blades with a hammer to master gesture and strikes
  • Formatting ricasso
  • Finishing the grind at the forge
  • Finalisation of the handle (flat sole or silk) before resting the blade

  • Definition and implementation of various heat treatments (annealing, quenching, tempering)
  • Selection of materials for the mounting of a knife (various wood species)
  • Mounting a knife according to customer requirements (flat sole or mounting on silk)
  • Finishing and Polishing

Bonus: Summary of the training on the various forging techniques


The training is taking place at my home in the town of Vénissieux (69 Rhône). 
Can accommodate up to one trainee
It takes place over five days (7 hours per day) from Monday morning to Friday afternoon.

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